03 February 2007

Born and raised in the American South on sweet tea and skepticism, Chase grew up with a latent desire to tell stories. Encouraged by his parents in areas of composition, he often crafted tales in his imagination from a diet of late-night radio shows about extraterrestrial conspiracy theories and falling asleep to the popular radio program, This American Life.

In time, he developed an arguably unhealthy liking for serial commas and a dogged criticism of being verbs — both vices have since receded, much like his hairline. Chase writes for a living, and spends most days driving from place to place talking to all sorts of interesting characters. He prides himself in using a grabsack of verbs to describe how people move, whether they trundle, plod, scamper or sashay. Chase has yet to describe how he, himself, moves.

On most occasions, Chase will re-read a book before starting a brand new one. He has legitimate fear of mold and aliens. He listens to all types of music, though a scan through his collection will reveal mostly "indie" rock. Chase listens to classical music on a regular basis and thinks often about re-starting piano lessons.

Mostly, Chase enjoys the simple aspects of his life: the quiet, driving, birds on wires, his camera and a good newspaper.

Dipping into journalism as early as high school, he only became serious about the craft in college, where he took on many leadership roles at his school paper, The Collegian. Before serving stints at The News Virginian and The Ledger, Chase spent his summers interning at three papers across the country.

Most recently, he completed a Pulliam Fellowship at The Arizona Republic, where he covered night cops downtown and general assignment duties. Before that, he interned at The Post and Courier and The Toledo Free Press.

In 2010, the Associated Press Managing Editors awarded Chase a first-place award for his work covering the Hispanic community in Waynesboro, Va.

On this site you will find samples of his work, including writing, photography, graphic design, and multimedia presentations.


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At June 9, 2010 at 10:31 AM, Anonymous Anonymous

Chase! I seem to recall you dangling from a tree with a chainsaw in my back yard...I will go ahead and kiss Reggie on the lips for you. But what about Banjo??? Hope things are interesting in your life. If you have a windfall of cash, come for a visit to Angola. (eek!) We do have a spare room in DC too...until Feb.