06 July 2008
Nonprofit feeds the hungry by sending volunteers to pick leftover produce donated by local farmers


The Post and Courier
When Laura Ann Carroll answers her phone, she sometimes hears the familiar voice of a woman she's never met.

These calls usually bring good news, and within minutes Carroll musters a team of 25 or more to represent Olive Branch AME Church in a local farm field. It's part of a project called Fields to Families, a nonprofit organization created to help feed the Lowcountry hungry by sending volunteer harvesters out to pick leftover produce donated by farmers.

At the other end of the phone line, Jacki Baer sits in front of her computer, organizing the operation. She's served as the director of Fields to Families for two years. When she and eight other community members recognized the hunger problem, they set out to help solve it.
Read the rest of the story here at The Post and Courier.

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At July 16, 2008 at 8:46 PM, Anonymous Anonymous

Chase, I thought you did a great job with this article. I would totally have participated in something like this. Super cool! Love, Liz