28 August 2008
After I wrote the story about the 68-year-old man suffering from Alzheimer's disease who'd wandered off in the city of Charleston, a fellow crime reporter and I piled into a car and began driving around the city. Muffled in the night air, the police scanners crackled against the sound of the tires of our car.

We didn't find Gerald Stinson that night, a member of the community actually found him a couple days later. But I read that story from over 1,300 miles away. My internship at the Post and Courier ended last week. I wrote community news, city news, faith and values stories, business pieces, and a couple features pieces. I made multimedia videos and shot the photography for most of my stories. A quarter of those stories were pitched by me.

Now I'm back at school. My final year. I manage design, art, packaging and content for my school newspaper. Our first issue comes out September 4.

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