10 August 2008
Program aims to empower, educate, 'uplift'

The Post and Courier
Michael Kinney approaches the man in the plaid shirt with tattoos up and down his arms.

"Man, I'm all wet!" Kinney says.

"What is it?"

"Sweat, man, sweat from the outside."

The room is furnished with chairs. The wall behind Kinney is covered with pictures of men in the wilderness and portraits of Native Americans. The resonant voices of six boisterous men reverberate in the room.

"Come join the circle!"

A 20-year-old edges to the circle. He and his girlfriend, who is not present, are staying with Kinney for a couple of weeks. Home is France.

The man in plaid rips a scab off his leg. The small talk dies down. Kinney sits down, his shirt suddenly unbuttoned.

They all agree to be honest, not to call anyone "sir," and always to start on time. 6:30 p.m., on the dot.

Attention floats from man to man, each repeating the same lines: "I agree — what I hear, what you say, what I hear here will be confidential."
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