04 September 2008
The Collegian
Junior Dylan Kessler never expected the police to return with a warrant. But they did, ending a three-day period in which Michigan state police slammed more than a dozen students with minor in possession of alcohol charges.

Kessler, president of Sigma Chi fraternity, said police approached the fraternity house about 1 a.m. Monday morning. They requested entrance on suspicion of underage drinking, but left when Kessler told them he'd feel more comfortable after seeing a warrant. Sigma Chi was not throwing a party that night. Several residents slept in their rooms.

Three hours later, Kessler woke to the sound of police entering the residence hall. They corralled him and his sleepy-eyed fraternity brothers into a room on the first floor and gave them breathalizer tests, Kessler said.
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At September 16, 2008 at 6:27 PM, Blogger StewieChris

I heard about this, actually. Hot stuff, Chase: nice story.