09 November 2008
Graphically, I think print-journalism is milking the Obama election for all its worth, maybe a little more, and it's a little disgusting.

The front pages the day after were incredible. I mean, there were some super pages (check them out here). Some papers even reported printing off hundreds of thousands of more copies...even raising the prices from fifty cents to a buck fifty in some places. People have been wanting that issue ever since...naturally. The event was historic, people want to remember.

But the Cleveland Plain Dealer along with a few California papers are still running the poster-like front pages...days after. Did news come to a halt in Cleveland? Let's try to be newspapers.

For whatever it's worth, here's what The Collegian did:

We ran a student response article, our own photo of Obama at a rally in Michigan that we took earlier this year, and some Michigan election results. In all, I think we did a decent job, and I liked our front page (complete with Hillsdale-appropriate quote).

Also, Best Front Page Design is back up after a year-long hiatus.

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