18 March 2009
This is always the case: a couple of people (see: Tony Gonzalez & Andrew Dodson) decide to rework the look of their blogs, and then the idea hovers in my mind until I tweak a few things of my own...only this time a few tweaks turned into a complete design overhaul.

There are a couple of new things to see, but mainly items are organized a little better. I'm still working on a couple of the new sections, mainly rounding up a bunch of PDFs and finding a way to present them well.


The past couple of weeks have yielded great-looking new Collegians. The Beyond section, now under the leadership of a new section editor, is slated to help make the paper's Web site an actual section of the paper, rather than an extension alone. Below are two Beyond pages and one Arts page I designed:

Also, if you haven't already, check these really interesting new projects:

Photobucket 1 in 8 Million: A NYT Project
Photobucket Revenue Two Point Zero
Photobucket The InDenver Times

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