13 August 2009
The Arizona Republic

Tom Clark paints in an invisible language.

Commissioned by Assumption Greek Orthodox Church in Scottsdale, the 53-year-old artist and his two sons flew from Athens, Greece, and began painting icons on the ceiling and walls of the church June 25. Their work will be unveiled at a dedication on Saturday.

High atop a forest of iron scaffolding, Demetrios Clark, 19, and his brother Basil, 17, paint biblical figures alongside their father.

Representing a tradition that spans hundreds of years, the colorful images are a way for the faithful to surround themselves with reminders of a world beyond the one they know, Tom said.

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At August 14, 2009 at 12:03 AM, Blogger StewieChris

I liked this article a lot, Chase. Great photos of the dad and sons painting, too. This might sound really obtuse, but I love the Orthodox concept of the icon. Orthodox worshipers value the history and the beauty, like you say in your article, far more than I think any other Christian sect.