25 September 2009
The News Virginian

Sitting in court Thursday, Brian Eugene Brubaker listened as attorneys authored the second-half of his life.

Judge Victor V. Ludwig softened sentencing of the 42-year-old Crimora man, adding only three years in prison to Brubaker’s existing 22-year sentence from other jurisdictions.

Officials in Rockingham, Augusta and Greene counties first sought Brubaker in June 2008, after he abandoned a decades-long non-violent record for a 15-day robbery spree.

After a failed robbery attempt at Ladd Convenience in Waynesboro, Brubaker went on a string of stickups, later telling an officer he suffered from an addiction, according to court testimony. He robbed at knifepoint seven store clerks in four counties before his arrest in the bathroom of a Harrisonburg car dealership.

Brubaker, suffering from clinical depression, targeted stores with guns, hoping a clerk might end his life, defense attorney Charles E. Garner said.

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