18 October 2009
The News Virginian

To suggest the jaunty bird preferred Waynesboro to Delaware would be amiss.

Racing pigeons, known for their loyalty, don’t just fly 300 miles out of their way on a whim. And they definitely don’t travel 300 miles out of their way to fly smack into the window of a city finance department.

When the call broke over police scanners in the late morning on a tough and dreary Thursday, Waynesboro Animal Control Officer Dee Price didn’t waste a minute.

Price drove to the second-story balcony of Waynesboro City Hall, observed the situation, then made the call.

“I’ve got a 10-45,” Price announced into her radio.

An animal carcass.

“It had already died when I got there,” Price said. “From what they described to me, and from what I can tell, it looks like it might have just flown into the window.”

The small racing pigeon, or homing pigeon, didn’t come without identification. Its owner tagged the bird’s name around one of its its legs: NEW547.

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