07 January 2010
The News Virginian

Jamar Lee Davis scooped his mother into a handcuff-free hug and smiled big for his father Wednesday, the fruits of a forgiving courtroom and a Waynesboro judge willing to issue a second chance.

A 16-year-old who robbed a pizza-delivery man more than a year ago, Davis impressed social workers at the Shenandoah Valley Juvenile Detention Center by excelling academically and showing leadership skills, said his mother, Angela Davis.

That led to Judge Humes J. Franklin Jr. agreeing to a deal to drop robbery and firearm charges against Davis in exchange for a larceny conviction.

In a move backed by Commonwealth’s Attorney Charles Ajemian, Franklin then committed Davis to the Covington Boys Home, where the teenager is scheduled to remain until reappearing before the court for a review next year.

Known for his tough stance on crime, Franklin issued stern but encouraging advice to Davis about the agreement attorneys reached, and the boy’s new opportunity.

“You’ve got your entire future riding on this,” the judge said. “You’re at a turning point. You need to turn your life around and be a productive citizen, someone we’re proud to have in this community.”

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