12 February 2010
Snow drifts plague, strand Afton residents

The News Virginian

AFTON MOUNTAIN – More than 14 families atop Afton Mountain regained access to the rest of the world Thursday, after authorities cleared several snow drifts along the Howardsville Turnpike.

As a Virginia Department of Transportation worker dug through 6-foot snow drifts with a rock grader, Tony Pugh waited patiently in his Chevrolet pickup truck. For years, residents on the mountain have employed Pugh to plow their drives and private roads, he said. This isn’t the first time he’s run into seemingly impenetrable walls of snow.

“This is Mother Nature at her finest,” he said. “Because people in the Valley don’t believe what’s going on right here. We get snow drifts up here taller than I am.”

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