27 July 2010
It's been awhile since I've updated with my favorite stories from the past couple of months. This is my attempt to repair my delinquency and starting getting back into the groove of sharing. A couple of these might be repeats.

Enjoying treats in the heat
The News Virginian

STUARTS DRAFT - Hidden behind a cheery disposition and plastered-on-smile, Joey Wright sweltered inside his dancing Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup costume.

Above him, beaming on the hundreds of people who attended the Sweet Dreams Festival on Saturday at Stuarts Draft Park, an oppressive sun rocketed temperatures into the triple digits, according to Heather Sheffield, a meteorologist at the National Weather Service.

Sheffield said the sluggish heat wave lumbering through the Shenandoah Valley would push the mercury past 105. The weather service issued a heat advisory warning for the Shenandoah Valley.

“It means that there’s just a period of hot temperatures expected,” Sheffield said. “We issue those so people can expect that heat-related illnesses are possible and to drink lots of fluids.”

Wright’s shoulders sagged a little, and he bent down to hug another child, somewhere around his hundredth hug of the day, he said.

Nearby, Jeff Parry, of Stuarts Draft, lugged a stroller carrying his 2-year-old son, Carter. Originally from up-state New York, Parry said the heat was taking its toll.

“Oh yeah, I’m having trouble,” he said. “I’m built for the cold weather.”

He motioned toward the stroller and his two young daughters standing nearby.

“They’re having a much easier time than I am.”

Parry passed by The Cheese Shop booth, where workers sold everything but cheese, store employee Gina Henderson said.

“They were going to, but it was a little too hot,” Henderson said, referring to the owners of the popular Stuarts Draft store that sells bulk foods, deli meats, baking ingredients and, yes, cheese. “Of course, being The Cheese Shop, that’s what you’d like to do…”

A drive down Stuarts Draft Highway revealed soggy hikers and a deflated Stuarts Draft High School cheerleading squad. The cheer team worked the side of the road, occasionally mustering enough excitement to beckon speedy drivers to a benefit car wash.

Northeast of Stuarts Draft, the Grottoes Volunteer Fire Department continued spraying down a three-story mulch mountain. The mountain caught fire Thursday evening and fire crews have kept a steady watch on it ever since.

“We don’t have anybody stationed there full time,” said volunteer firefighter Jeff Morris. “But we’ve been up there twice today.”

Morris, like other firefighters, peered into the sunshine from the shady station.

“Everybody’s sort of staying inside, and we have a lot of iced water,” he said. “So until we need to go out — we’re not.”

Back at Sweet Dreams, Carol Boettler stopped to watch as Wright posed for family photos. Boettler said she traveled down from Smyrna, Del., to visit her daughter and attend the festival. She said her heart went out to the costumed candies.

“These poor souls who’re dressed in the costumes,” she said. “I think they have to volunteer, or do this without pay.”

HOMICIDE: John Kelley Miller
Photobucket Body found in river 'very suspicious'
Photobucket Police chase homicide leads; friends 'can't believe'
Photobucket Tent dweller charged in murder
Photobucket Officials: Suspect's bond unusual

HOMICIDE: Eduardo 'Piku' Herrera
Photobucket Neighbors lament fatal stabbing
Photobucket Police ID murder suspect
Photobucket Second slaying suspect sought
Photobucket Murder suspects caught in Florida

CLEANUP: North Commerce Avenue
Photobucket Street of pain
Photobucket Taking on Commerce
Photobucket Officials discuss North Commerce cleanup options
Photobucket Harris leads boot patrol

Photobucket Unavailable evidence disrupts crash case
Photobucket State Police weigh in on blood case
Photobucket Attorney: Missing blood not key to case
Photobucket Charges against Waynesboro man in fatal crash dismissed

Photobucket Police probe city woman's death
Photobucket Death mystery deepens
Photobucket Police stand by officer's judgement
Photobucket Investigator: Case might remain a mystery
Photobucket Police close case of missing Waynesboro woman

IN DEPTH: Arthur Thomas Allen
Photobucket One detained, no arrest in 7-Eleven shooting
Photobucket 7-Eleven shooting suspect wanted
Photobucket After fall, fugitive caught in Arizona
Photobucket A wild ride through the system
Photobucket 7-Eleven suspect claims innocence in jail call

Photobucket Evaluation: Slaying suspect can stand trial
Photobucket Jury convicts woman of officer assault

Photobucket Across the miles
Photobucket Astir in the barrios
Photobucket Niche barbershop growing
Photobucket Hispanics clear schedules for World Cup

Photobucket Virginia court system goes digital
Photobucket Fugitive awaits sentencing
Photobucket Make way for the goats
Photobucket From fossils to Fossil

In other news, our office handheld scanner died a week or so ago. The loss of my companion has me wild-eyed and wondering every time I hear loose sirens screaming down Waynesboro streets at night. It leaves me, much like now, in the office late at night.

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At July 27, 2010 at 10:27 PM, Blogger Erin

I think that my favorite sentence in the Sweet Dreams article is this: "A drive down Stuarts Draft Highway revealed soggy hikers and a deflated Stuarts Draft High School cheerleading squad." The adjectives are perfect and hilarious.