27 August 2010
News of the award sprang upon our little Virginia newsroom with little notice -- but I think the excitement and re-invigoration that ensued really swept my "partner-in-crime" and I into our next round of collaborative work.

Tony Gonzalez and I learned Tuesday we won an Associated Press Managing Editors award in the "international perspectives" category for papers with 40,000 circulation and less, respectively. The News Virginian is a 7,000 circulation newspaper.

Read about the award at The News Virginian website.

The winning submission came from our work with the Hispanic community in Waynesboro. Check out the stories:

Photobucket Across the miles
Photobucket Astir in the barrios
Photobucket Niche barbershop growing

Neat stuff. We're looking forward to jumping into the mix a bit more, and have lots of ideas for the next leg of the project.

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