01 August 2010
The News Virginian

Jamar Davis listens to questions quietly, pausing before answering.

There’s something precise about the way the 16-year-old responds. There’s a sharpened clarity, a sense of purpose.

It’s a far cry from the muggy August night last year when he and two others decided to raise a gun to a pizza delivery man’s face and threaten to pull the trigger. Moments later, the boys lit out into the darkness, carrying the stolen pizza, the man’s car keys, a wallet and about $200.

Waynesboro police caught the trio later that night. Davis’ arrest sent him into juvenile detention for months.

In January, Judge Humes J. Franklin, known for his tough stance on crime, stared down from his bench in Waynesboro Circuit Court at the teenage boy and decided to give him a second chance.

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