08 September 2010
Woman prays for reunion with immigrant husband

The News Virginian

Before Kim Romero makes the call to her husband in Mexico, she follows his plea and calms herself.

She will not cry.

From her apartment on King Avenue in Waynesboro, she readies her tongue for Spanish. Sometimes she checks the weather radar online to learn if torrential rains are battering the mountain town where Rigoberto – “Rigo” — lives.

If so, she surprises him with her knowledge, like she’s at his side beneath the downpour.

For 18 months they’ve been apart while Rigo waits in Mexico and immigration officials process his paperwork to return legally.

On some nights, Kim’s dreams of Rigo leave her grasping the opposite side of the bed.

“You can touch him, you can smell him, but he’s not there,” she said.

She expects him to be soon. Just before noon Saturday, Rigo boarded a bus in Tenancingo, Mexico, and rode north. By noon the following day, he neared the U.S. Consulate in Ciudad Juarez just off the border.

Tomorrow he expects to answer questions in a final interview with authorities.

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