06 October 2010
The News Virginian

STAUNTON – A Weyers Cave man Tuesday took a plea deal in a serial flashing case cracked by authorities last month.

Ricky Michael Kidd Sr., 47, agreed to a 30-day jail sentence capped with one year of probation. He faced four misdemeanor counts of indecent liberties.

Spurred by a series of call-in complaints, authorities in September scouted parking lots in Weyers Cave to catch him in the act. Authorities charged him after observing him with his pants down in a United States Post Office parking lot in Weyers Cave.

According to authorities, Kidd’s modus operandi was simple: he’d wait in parking lots for women to walk in or out of a store. Once he spotted them, he’d turn around and bend over, pretending to dig through his car, and pull down his baggy britches.

Most of his flashings took place in the morning hours before 9 a.m., authorities said.

Hotspots for the moon shots included the post office, Exxon gas station on Lee Highway and the Dollar General on the 30 block of Franklin Street, authorities said.

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At October 9, 2010 at 9:13 AM, Blogger StewieChris

Nice phrasing: "his baggy britches," "Hotspots for moon shots."