27 January 2011
Thirteen years to serve, then deportation

The News Virginian

A 22-year-old illegal immigrant pleaded guilty Wednesday to the summertime murder of a Waynesboro man and ended a case riddled with questions about the actions of authorities.

Waynesboro Circuit Court Judge Humes J. Franklin Jr. convicted David Luna Sanchez of second-degree murder in the June 27 stabbing death of Eduardo “Piku” Herrera, 39, of 260 N. Commerce Ave.

Franklin sentenced Sanchez to 30 years in prison with 17 suspended, for a net time to serve of 13 years. Upon his release, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) will deport Sanchez back to Mexico, Franklin said.

“If you attempt to return … your 17 years will be imposed,” the judge said.

Standing at about five feet tall, Sanchez leaned in toward an interpreter to enter a plea in his native tongue.

“Culpable,” he said in Spanish.

“Guilty,” the interpreter echoed.

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