13 January 2011
Experts say interview ‘troublesome’ and ‘dangerous’

The News Virginian

Unethical language interpreting during a police interrogation of a Waynesboro murder suspect may prevent the man’s confession from reaching a courtroom, said a defense attorney and experts.

During a Waynesboro detective’s interrogation of David Luna Sanchez in June, a Spanish interpreter failed to relay the defendant’s request that an attorney be present, an interview transcript shows.

Moments into the interview, Sanchez asked for an attorney upon hearing a reading of his “Miranda rights,” which inform a criminal suspect of the right to remain silent and to be represented by an attorney.

But the interpreter did not relay the request to Waynesboro police Sgt. Becky Moran.

“Yes, I would like to have a lawyer present here now to tell him – well, whatever it would be,” Sanchez said.

“Okay,” the interpreter responded in Spanish. “Listen to what I’m saying. She only wants to listen to the side of your story.”

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