02 March 2011
No replacement yet for chief as vacancies increase

The News Virginian

Between two hands, the stack of Waynesboro police chief applications measures about 9 inches thick. With that fact, you know more than the average Waynesboro police officer about the search to replace Chief Doug Davis.

By mid-week, Davis will be a retired man, just one of an increasing number of crime fighters who have left the city department.

After three-and-a-half months of silence about the specifics of the search for a new chief, City Manager Mike Hamp on Friday said he’ll soon tell city cops about his pick for interim chief.

The prolonged quiet, Hamp said, lies in the stack of applications. They came from across the country, including Arizona, New York, Florida, and California.

“I’ve been in the paper review of the applicant stages longer than I’d anticipated,” he said. “We have not conducted any personal interviews yet, and part of the reason is because there were 80 applications and because so many of the applicants, at least on paper, met the requisite requirements.”

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