06 June 2011
The Ledger

Edward Bullen needed a middleman for his memory.

So when he stepped into Phillips Photographers on South Florida Avenue, Bullen paused at the front counter for a moment and didn't jump for the white envelope Brad Beck slid toward him.

Peeling the flap ever-so-slightly, Bullen, 84, of Lakeland, reached inside and pulled out a crisp, rectangular, black-and-white photograph of a little girl. Behind it, a smaller, dirtier, circular rendition of the photo tumbled to the countertop.

"Of seven children, she's my only daughter," he said. "I've had it on my dresser for God knows how long. It's so small and it's just so nice."

He stared into the photo.

A smile inched across Beck's face.

The photo restoration business has long involved people like Beck and the owner of Phillips, Robin Phillips. And in recent weeks, the demand for the craft has experienced an uptick, Beck said

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