14 July 2011
The Ledger

BARTOW | Polk County commissioners sat mostly cross-armed Wednesday as department representatives approached the county finance committee proposing fire, garbage and utility rate hikes.

The presentations, which offered detailed reasoning behind the projected raises, came on the heels of a Monday meeting in which County Manager Jim Freeman pushed for a 5 percent decrease in funding for the county's day-to-day operations.

As commissioners debated how to introduce the hikes to taxpayers, conversation polarized between two options: Either raise rates one time in hopes of keeping them constant for five years or introduce smaller rate bumps each of the five years.

Both plans would achieve the same amount of money.

Commission Chairman Ed Smith, winced at the latter proposition, saying he feared approaching constituents year after year, banging the drum of increasing rates.

"I get enough nasty phone calls already," Smith said.

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