08 October 2011
The Ledger

HAINES CITY | A woman fell to her knees Friday, arms outstretched across crime scene tape, as investigators in hazardous materials suits stepped into a video rental store.

Word was swift, confirmation first by family and then by law enforcement, that Jaime Magana Jr., 20, of Haines City, was found dead inside Video Latino at 1719 E. Hinson Ave. The 911 call to police was placed about 9:30 a.m. by a customer, said Sheriff's Office spokeswoman Donna Wood.

Within an hour the crying woman was joined by 30 other people, a parking-lot crowd that doubled soon after. Family members mourned together, some sitting inside a black SUV, as they tried to piece together what had happened.

"I want my brother," cried one woman from inside the vehicle.

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