12 November 2011
The Ledger

Nathan Jackson had only just begun training his step-daughter: when someone knocks at the door, ask who it is, then find a parent.

But on Tuesday night about 9:15 p.m., the 9-year-old girl forgot those directions and immediately unlatched the front door of her Lake Alfred home. The three men on the other side, at least one holding a handgun, barged through, sending those in the house into a state of panic.

Two days later, deputies with the Polk County Sheriff's Office arrested Kyree Nicholas Goss, 18, of Winter Haven, on four charges of armed robbery and burglary with armed battery. The remaining suspects were still at large Friday evening.

The pace of Jackson's voice quickened Friday evening, as he recalled being led at gunpoint into his bedroom. One of the men demanded money, the other two rummaged. The 9-year-old and her two younger siblings had scattered, hiding in the bedroom and living room.

"I came out a little bloody, it was scary," the father said. "But I made them run."

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