11 November 2011
The Ledger

Marshall Goodman's return to the University of South Florida Polytechnic was the subject of much chattering at the outset of a Thursday meeting at his Lakeland campus. Then he stood up to speak.

Total silence.

Every seat was taken, some people stood along the walls of the room.

"This is what we asked for," Goodman said triumphantly. "What we said in the business plan was that we were asking for a path to transition, and that's what they've given us."

The regional chancellor addressed his faculty, staff and a sprinkling of students following a Wednesday decision by the State University Board of Governors to tentatively approve USF Poly's road to independence from the USF school system. The 13-3 vote by the board was a milestone in what had become a months-long tussle between officials at USF and the Lakeland campus.

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