13 May 2012

Two years ago, Joan Cook stepped out of her house. She has never been heard from again.

The Roanoke Times

SALEM — Diane Beason was cooking dinner in her Salem home when she heard the name come across the television news.

"I just couldn't believe it," Beason said. "You could have knocked me over with a feather."

A frantic series of phone calls among friends and family followed. The name "Joan Cook" echoed dozens of times over, even onto a stack of missing person posters later put up across the city. The efforts would be fruitless, though — desperate attempts to resolve what has become a two-year mystery.

Even today, the narrative of Cook's disappearance remains riddled with lingering questions. Seasoned detectives describe the case as one that's never gone cold, but hasn't produced any new or substantive leads, either.

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