16 May 2012
Packets of potent drugs can be bought in the area for $25, but the price could prove much steeper.

The Roanoke Times

It took a broken neck to break Walter Roden's habit - in a plunge from the second story of a Melrose Avenue house.

Roden, high on drugs at the time, said that the building was on fire, that the heat sent him diving out a window. It wasn't until later, in a hospital, that he learned there had been no flames. Not even smoke.

"I'm a grown man," he said Tuesday. "I should have known better."

He blames himself, but he also mentioned the half-gram vial of powder he had snorted: Amped, one incarnation of the dozens of synthetic drugs sold across the region in convenience stores to buyers who know to ask.

Augusta County authorities were among the first in the state to express concern over such synthetic drugs in December 2010. Now, agencies in and around the Roanoke Valley are banding together to tackle the same concern. Local prosecutors, medical professionals and leaders from multiple law enforcement agencies will announce today their plans for combatting what they describe as an increasing problem, authorities said.

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