21 September 2012
A longtime nurse was shot in her southwest Roanoke County home by her estranged husband, who then killed himself.

The Roanoke Times

A burst of gunfire broke the calm of a leafy Cave Spring neighborhood Wednesday, aimed at a woman who twice sought court protection from the man police said pulled the trigger, killing her and then himself.

The commotion alarmed nearby neighbors, who dialed Roanoke County police at 8:42p.m. Officers arrived in the 5900 block of Sunnycrest Road within minutes, but remained for hours, analyzing the scene to determine what had happened.

Police said their investigation indicated that Ronald W. Billings, 49, had fired the shot that killed his estranged wife, Sandra Kay Edwards, 61, then turned the gun on himself. At the time, the couple was still awaiting a hearing in Roanoke County Circuit Court to finalize a divorce, records show.

Thursday morning revealed the extent of the violence. There was a bullet hole near the front door and in a window, and the glass in a storm door was shattered. Next to it, a simple sign read "Bless this home."

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