28 December 2012
Roanoke investigators continue to search for leads in two 2012 homicides that remain unsolved as the victims' families and friends await justice and hope for closure.

The Roanoke Times

The words fluttered from her lips and to the ground. Quiet, indistinguishable from afar, a private conversation with a grave.

Hilda Perdue sees her son's burial spot almost every day during her commute to work. She knows now that when she drives by William Memorial Cemetery, if she glances to the crest of the big hill, somewhere between two tall trees is Terrance Perdue's resting place. Forever 30 years old, her son, a natural Mr. Fix-It and handyman, died in April. He was fatally shot in his home in northeast Roanoke.

The day after Christmas, Hilda Perdue slipped out of an SUV and walked toward her son. At the top of the cemetery hill, framed by gray clouds on a bleak afternoon, Perdue stood in the rain and cried.

Life is different. She said it has shifted in the past eight months, altering her routine; the ideas she thinks, the food she eats. Hilda Perdue can't bring herself to prepare her son's favorite meals.

"I haven't been able to eat sweet potato pie since," she said. "I made crock pot macaroni and cheese for the first time yesterday. It's been real hard."

She paused.

"I just wish justice would come, you know, but you have to be patient."

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