16 January 2013
Carol Gilbert and Moki train several times a week, sharpening the dog's senses and attention.

The Roanoke Times

Carol Gilbert hurled a canister of human teeth out into the grass.

She turned an expectant gaze to the creature at her feet and leaned forward. Thrusting both arms away from her chest, she yelled an order.

"Go find!"

The bouncy Labrador retriever took off, her nose glued to the ground. After a moment of distraction (even highly trained dogs have sporadic attention spans) Moki found the teeth, turned to Gilbert and sat patiently.

This was a warm-up, one of the first steps in a one-hour training session. Gilbert also has cans of fingernail clippings, human hair and dead skin, all kept in a plastic carry case — a tackle box, of sorts — for the training regimen of a cadaver dog.

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