03 January 2013

Johnny Dick and his dog rolled down a steep hill that ended on another truck and a lawn mower.

The Roanoke Times

It was the poorly hatched plan of an errant squirrel that caused the whole mess. Go figure.

The rodent had darted into the curvy 5900 block of 12 O'Clock Knob Road just before 3 p.m. Wednesday, a move that caught Johnny Dick by surprise. Dick, who said he was driving toward Bent Mountain Road from his home nearby, swerved to miss the creature.

The jerky move sent Dick, his passenger Rabbit (a dog), and his 1978 Ford F-100 careening off the side of the road and over an embankment. The truck tumbled dozens of feet down a steep hill, then crash-landed upside down on top of a lawn mower and a Toyota pickup.

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